ciation, and was Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine

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completed the course of the Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massa-

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name of Dr. Ostrom is well known. He is often sought

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the child, and placarded his own house. His neighbors so little

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If one had not inaugurated it, another would have done so.

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and stated, that, since the more accurate knowledge of the meth-

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local lesion, or even some constitutional change, but must try to

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cents to Yale College, New Haven, any physician may secure

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enter at this time into further detail. Where, as in this in-

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Polyclinic Hospital, assistant visiting physician to the Gouverneur

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W. W. Tufts, M.D., has removed from Tyngsborough to Arlington, Mass.

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ance, manifested by hemiplegia in the last stages of the disease ?

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Mental therapeutics, apart from supernaturalism, undoubtedly

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The functions of the various organs of the body are usually

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sen" prize of five hundred dollars, and the "Harsen" clinical prize

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organic fragments, or the shreds of clothing that may be

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Clergyman s Sore Throat. — Livid redness of the throat ; sen-

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plantar surface, and screams with pain at any attempt to change his position.

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generate stages. Undoubtedly these cases are suffering from

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of ['Insiology ill the same iiiatiliilion. For one year he

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Rochester Theological Seminary. Rochester, New York, 1875-1901. He

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atories, on which now depend the future progress and

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it mildly, while others in the same place and at the same time

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schools, and spent a year at Mt. Carrol! (Illinois) Semi-

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intoxicated ; and, with that impossibility, what of intemperance ?

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has been engaged in active practice. He is most happily

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"Temperature normal; pulse $$, and somewhat irregular; respirations di-

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are able to use their hands for quite delicate work, although at the expense of

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her special work had grown so greatly as to demand her

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era, how much exemption can such overwrought organisms

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ment I ever received was the following: A woman, forly-

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tracted disease. It may be convenient to agree with Charcot

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In our opinion, everything seems to indicate that some special, specific,

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and Polk. The history of the introduction and rapid growth in

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He was also the out-door physician, visiting patients unable to come

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bend, the result of partial fracture. These " green-stick fractures of rickets "

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followed by vomiting or purging, or both, the matters ejected

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trivance has undoubtedly its place in the service of surgery. But it is not

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one year, during which time he numbered among his instructors the well-known

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that, because the Weir-Mitchell treatment failed in the cases

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the patient gradually grew weaker, the vomiting continuing.

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until his death. He was a member of the American Medical Associa-

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ciety; Fellow and Secretary of the Chicago Gynecologi-