characters of the culture, the dilution of the serum, the time limits, the cri-
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pus ejected from one or both openings, you have distinct evidence
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Haller, and so gained for him prominent notice in Germany, Switzerland and
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usage they have had. Buildings, fences, and bridges are
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is, to say the least, unfortunate, as it is liable to lead to error
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tourniquet. Two years later he broke fresh ground by describing
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rigid. Leg flexed, toes turned very much in. Can move
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tion, an elevation of tone, and a breadth of view which made them popu-
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Fig. 11. Van Slyke's apparatus for measuring the COa-cotnbining power of blood in blood plasma.
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is unaccompanied by excessive perspiration. The altered state of the mouth
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continued until it affects the mouth. Or the Bichloride may
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Cowen, Mr., on a new method of treating ulcers ,..;....ยป 160
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organic hemiplegia were present. There was a superficial abrasion
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ter, on the Missouri. So far as regards the effects of climate, it will be
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the median line as high as he can reach, sejjarating
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were unsuspected during life and recognised after death, which would
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given on the agricultural college farm and at the Experi-
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bovine and canine species. It is favored by cold and dampness,
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of hydrocyanic acid. We do not know whether this is the correct
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circulation is necessary ; that the course of the latter is suffi-
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the exception of fatty matters, pass directly into the blood,
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Weight of the liver, 1,720 gm. ; surface is granular. Microscopically it is
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placed higher op in the canal, it is in closer proximity to
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on stretchers or litters even in the midst of an euiraire-
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The first case, a man aged 50, was thrown from a railway car-
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Of dermatocoptes there is also a particular species for
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lows: (1) Paraldehyde increased the secretion of urea. (2)
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in breadth, 2.3 cms. thick. Capsule everywhere firmly adherent, surface uneven,