in Russia, cattle plague; in Mexico and Texas, the Spanish fever.
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it was not till 1867 that the first attempt at special care for
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why more cases of colic occur during the late afternoon
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tuberculosis, still another to spread educational information in disease
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of this disease, I should follow the example of most medical writers.
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felt, to guide us to the suspicion of malignant growth at the fundus.
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the albumen, fibrin, and red globules of the blood, by the
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were found in other parts of the colon. The mesenteric glands
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abundant juice, which was composed of oval, tailed and angular,
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one-half of one of these tablets, or a whole one if necessary, as
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blister, use the Good Samaritan liniment freely on the part;
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It is to be observed, that in all these experiments, and in numberless
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Oct. 30. The wound healed, and she walked two miles with"
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nostrils, together with slight rough sounds from the wind-
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particular from the various types of murmurs described above as
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Slight changes appear in the liver, pancreas, and spleen. Morbid
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of B. colL The central nervous system was not examined.
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"take"; if they do they are apt to die subsequently, as the
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stimulants as often exerting, in a marked degree, a curative
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DiPTHERiA Antitoxin in Austria. — Every drug store in
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Hack who first introduced the treatment, has cauter-
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properly wound up for a race, will only be unwound if
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Royal Colleges. The Edinburgh Medical School thus continues to
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tion reactions similar to B. paratijphosus B, but which produce indol.