the subjects of knowledge are more and more co-ordinated ; but, if prog-


time such clinical studies are being made. At this time we wish merely

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served until it is found as a large tumor in the iliac fossa. It may

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the right border of the sternum. This hypertrophy becomes so pro-

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aneurysm which came close to the surface and was accompanied by

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but no abdominal masses. The neurologic status was normal. The blood pres-

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sented justify, I think, the hypothesis that there is in pellagra a heredi-

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death rate among negroes in a hospital for the insane, namely, 64 per

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most unsatisfactory results. Aside from the very glaring defects in

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dilated, varicose, and filled with a creamy substance. The recep-

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cases due to the extension of the lesions of septic endocarditis and

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impaired vision in the right eye, and paralysis of the external rectus,

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imminent from suffocation or coma, it may be justifiable to let blood.

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have fallen into disuse. At the present time, although the subject of

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which discharge their contents into it. It is quite soft and com-

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consciousness. On postmortem examination the basilar artery was

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It should be stated that in another test a positive was obtained

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tion, and making up part of the cells in the region of foreign bodies,

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Differential Diagnosis of Thoracic Aneurysm. — The states of disease

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well as three of the negro female pellagrins, died during the year of

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and disease occur in the articles by Limbeck and Pick, 5 Joachim, 6

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further use of it, and if the physician does not know how to change

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sphygmogram, low degrees of pressure upon the artery fail to develop

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naturally seen best where the hair is most abundant in health, as on

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Before discussing the type of change to be described, it is necessary

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that definitely recognizable cases of pellagra in children under the age

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ress continue, we shall observe still that new and irregular adits are

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rately, for each of the 630 registration districts during each of these ten

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is shown by the disastrous results which occur when it is lost, and

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According to Biedl and Kolisch 19 the liver forms glucose when per-

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crossing the front of the trachea, which may be easily overlooked.

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degeneration. But, as elsewhere observed, digitalis slows the action

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per cent., with pellagrous children, and forty-nine, or 66.2 per cent.,

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that the urine is least milky or quite clear in the morning after the

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nitrate of silver. Wegner regards such an artificially produced

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(Query: Have these children an inherited weakness, making them more

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spectrophotometrically by determining the extinction ratio, a solution

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Pus from the lesions contained bacteria identified culturally as pneumococci,

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set in at any time in paroxysms of cardiac asthma and usually does

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nized affections of the valves. The condition was noticed by Mor-

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which may closely simulate endocardial murmurs. Pericarditis

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deeply stained (1 to 175). Gmelin's test was positive. The dialysate

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