indented or notched end, 2y 2 inches in width, about which the
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feet, a period of absolute rest is advisable until re-
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under five years of age numbered 147, of whom 100 were
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the details of the subject, as it is thoroughly dealt
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conventional one or two, just as some patients with
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although at times his feet felt "as if he had two pair of
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. spinal cord, except a slight hyperaemia and oedema
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and this occurred in the cases I will now report, the
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M. et Sig. : Use at night and wipe of¥ with olive oil in
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lignant, of mesoblastic derivation, and closely al-
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nutrition and because it required a measure of self
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improve after its administration as evidence of the
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patients. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the bet-
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5. Observations on Typhus Fever in Astrakhan, in 1907-
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tles, and afterward kept at a temperature of 40° F.
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M. O. Magid ; corresponding secretary, Dr. Harry E.
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of the brain involving both pyramidal tracts and the sym-
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had about the same mortality, but a vastly different
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hopeless to attempt a cure of chronic nasal catarrh
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this feature, and we think that has been done in this
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Oppenheim. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 1910, Xo.
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S. Eckels, Bert R. Huntington, George B. Lake, George
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is an illustration of the second class. 3. In order to pro-
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Kline to the department of larvngologv. to assist Dr. Hal-
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dominated and restricted other more fertile concepts
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of chronic gastric ulcer or cancer, or for the relief
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Bombay, and Calcutta : Longmans, Green, & Co., 1909.
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of painful tenderness, spasm of the recti, or other
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benzol is by the therapeutic application. Those who
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4. A Cause of Death after Operaton for Appendicitis :
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part of the omentum was removed as well as the appendix.
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hypersemic limb, a local leucocytosis. 3. It may be
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ing, still they never think of attempting to save the
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Index-Lancet will be merged with the Medical Herald,
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gas burette during a period of one and one half minutes.
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for tuberculosis sanatoria. Even if the patient was
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two and a half centimetres, while within the brain it ex-