elastic tissue and tubercle bacilli. Rarely, an abscess of the liver pene-

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good sanitary surroundings. Close attention is to be paid to the diet,

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resonance, proceeding from above downward in a gradual manner ; but

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Alexander of Liverpool has ligated the vertebral artery in 36 cases, his

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is a matter of first importance, and by simple means directed to the ante-

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pirations of ambitious young men. Another reason is on the

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the latter I shall speak presently, taking up separately some of the

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branum tympani and hepatic abscess. The ascarides have also been found

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principally nitrogenous articles of food. Einhorn advises three large and

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then my custom to combine the iodid with potassium bromid.

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Reports of Societies and Personal Items should be sent in by the 15th of the month

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Limitations. This treatment is not applicable in biliary or pan-

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wound in the vaginal vault, and secured there. The vaginal

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conclusions from their location as to the site of the tumor. Paresis is

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disturbed sleep with grinding of the teeth, salivation, and nervous

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follows : (1) Hemorrhage.— Hemorrhages occur under a great variety of

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ance, the disease is usually recognized, and should not be confounded

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Course, Duration, and Terminations. — Though often severely acute

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not a firm belief and confidence in the correctness of our founda-