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McIntyre. At this time, I wish to express to you for the
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parenteral injection, oral administration of Salyrgan-
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There is no Kemig's sign. The temperature at 3.30 p. m. is 104^ F.
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nurses also showed involvement of the area around the
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mirthful comment. The preparation of sausage has, in the past year,
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but that they generally showed an increase in the amount of reducing
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of 39.4** C. They are examined under a microscope that is kept in
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marked absence of arteriosclerotic patches, calcification and ulceration.
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(including Radium Applicators) FOR ALL MEDICAL PURPOSES
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the nurse. As in private practice, both professional
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The following spring the two pastures, which in all probability were
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that the killing is done in a small, poorly equipped slaughterhouse,
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that it .'olh'.'ts .111 the snrt'a.-.' ..f th.' ho.ly : an.i. i>rovide.l the .•on.litiotis ..t
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case is of particular interest because the findings agree in all essential
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Tongue and fieart room. — No natural light. In a fairly clean condition, but needs
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rather similar to the other tumor. One sees a rather
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** (/) Sweet pickled, dry salted, smoked, and other similar meats, lard, lard compounds,
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applicants for plans for barns and other dairy buildings, and many
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present, and to formulate rules and regulations to govern the cattle
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3. Union Health Center, Triennial Report 1944-1946.
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Belgians. The French Draft horses are also quite common, but differ
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physicians refer their medically indigent patients to
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relialilc test ( licneilic-t "s or N\ lander's > .*
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Duffy, Edgar A Trenton Esslinger, Arthur T St. Louis Forgrave, John R St. Joseph
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Dry-salt cellars. — Were In fair condition. Pork was stacked on the floor and not on
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Shelby County, on the Mississippi River; thence easterly along the northern boundary
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Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry for [the fiscal year ended
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occii!' a loweriiij; of the assiinilation liiiiit for eailiohydi'ate, so that irlyeo-
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temperature. The floor is of concrete, and the ceiling high enough
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tlm.u^'h the v..stibul..r imtv, an.l tl.csr in.imlsos ultimut.-ly ri-udi th.
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sensationalists interested in injuring our export trade. It became
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portant factors in the good prognosis of this partic-