geous. The substitution of koumiss, matzoon, or even buttermilk, for

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haemoglobin from the red blood-corpuscles and its solution in the blood-

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freedom of the gums from disease. Simple purpura is to be excluded

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during the latter third of the day be avoided ; that the supper taken be

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presence of the last as characteristic of Graves' s disease, not finding it in

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degeneration. The fluid from the parovarian cyst is pale, watery, of a

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must be in itself, as it were, complete. One may be a sequence of its

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Stephen C. Martin states that the germ of cow-pox is an organism

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TREATMENT. In yellow fever districts there is still much faith in the

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a tubercular deposit elsewhere, and is often a part of an acute general

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Pulmonary Affections. — Field, 42,204 cases, 3,534 deaths, and 4,588

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capillary bronchitis may exist, therefore, from the beginning or develop in

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The pulse gradually increases in frequency, and its force weakens. There

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a cumulative action, although this is denied by recent authorities. In a

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jaundice. The temperature and pulse may rise. These symptoms de-

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At the operation the appendix should be taken out, provided it can

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tization. These alterations are distributed over smaller and larger areas.

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and in extremely exceptional cases as late as forty years of age. It is

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iBnBtrate : First, the exiatence'of the poiBon in an atmoBphere far re«

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a poisoning ; indeed, its development is favored by the existence of

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The real difficulty of diagnosis is between hysterical and spinal spas-

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for weeks and even months, when, in favorable cases, the fever slowly

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niceness of manipulation in the removal of small growths which is

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lesions. The diagnosis of the especial lesion of the organ concerned and

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nomena of the other are presented. The disease occurs more often in male

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jostling ideas ; whilst the slow, confused, disconnected, hesitating words

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organ of pyogenic bacteria or amoebae coli, rarely of actinomyces or

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and of a mammary glandular tumor from another, gave Mr. Paget

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bronchi, and consist of a sense of constriction or a tickling or a raw

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may follow an attack of pain resembling biliary colic, but it persists and

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throat by malformations, adenoid glands, or enlarged tonsils should be

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is severe and prolonged. Hemorrhagic typhoid is a very deadly form of

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an entire community. There is, too, this peculiarity in regard to cholera,