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gard to the possible etiological relationship of syphilis to infantile diplegia.

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hypotension with bromocriptine compared with levodopa

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Medical inspection work is difficult and its value can be measured only

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carbon dioxid 9.77%, oxygen 10.73%. With a minute volume of 8.53

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thrombosis occurred, the latter process was not evident. Welch 9

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While in this case there has been a moderate degree of injury

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instances rises in the typhoid curve took place about three weeks

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tertiary stages of the disease. It is rarely accompanied by fever.

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4. Describe and locate each of the valves of the heart.

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of officers. Officers to be elected shall include a chairman,

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done if the child is living and the head is engaged.

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Diseases of Children. A Practical Treatise on Diagnosis and Treat-

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how and then why to act. He scans his memory and the

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3, The Prevention and Treatment of Eclampsia, by A. J. Skeel,

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the winter months, and in the absence of proof to the contrary

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crease in the number of alcoholics and syphilitics. The dimin-

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