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James L., Acute Gout and Acute Eheumatism. The Iodide
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on the 1st inst., thirty-five admissions and twenty-five deaths; and on
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choroid. Under the more intense illumination of the ophthalmoscope,
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the light which falls upon them ; and, under the ordinaiy illumination
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formed on Wednesday mornings only, except in cases of emergency.
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either of the three former conditions was veiy improbable ; and there
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possible for us to explain certain well-known peculiarities belonging to
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were, in the same mould— as the parents. Here we can hope for great
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surgery. When the question comes as to appointing Examiners in Ana-
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make matters worse, there is a great want of water. The great demand
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and the office of Assistant-Physician at present remains vacant. Dr.
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The enormous mortality from scarlet fever which appears in the Regis-
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P. W. Latham, Cambridge; Dr. A. White, Tunbridge Wells ; J. N. P.: Dr. H.
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M. D. [It was published at page 163 of last week's Journal.]
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F. R.S., in the chair. Dr. Hilton Fagge and Mr. Durham conjointly
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It is said that over 13,000 volunteers are employed in various capa-
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used as a temporary fever hospital. Drs. Kirkpatrick and Packman
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confidently look forward to the results of the present war maJimg a con-
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proper convictions of the speaker. We bind you by no fixed dogmas
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"Among the many improvements in our workhouses during the last
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years served as Assistant-Surgeon will be allowed to count. — 5. .Staff-
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conflict with the unknown, and the work falls on younger, but not less
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as the latter increases, the pain corresponds; as it diminishes, the pain
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We are informed that Mr. Clement was not an alderman of Shrewsbury, and had
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would submit to them ; in the meantime, my best hopes lie in the direc-
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size is to a great extent the reason why the instrument has been so
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United States a truly enjoyable place of travel for the English-speaking
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Lyell, Dana, R. Jones, Dallas, Milne-Edwards. ii)f;V— Whateley's Logic Book.s
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At the annual meeting of the Association at Newcastle, it was pro-
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making the teaching more practical in its character is a step in the right
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the Wardenship of Trinity College, Glenalmond, has been conferred