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fomitis, touch-wood, tinder). Typhus is non-inoculable, but eminently in-

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By James A. Hodges, M.D., Fayetteville, Member of the North

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to enable us to make a differentiation. All tests were run with two

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parts. In some cases, the only part of the body microscopically examined

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escape of the gas from the burner, which is instantly

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At the meeting of the Clinical Society of London, Novem-

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W. H. R. Bivers : Lancet, 1917, 1. 912, and 1918, I. 173.

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if the condition of the urine had been determined prior to operative

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fluid ext. of eucalyptus quickly controlled the trouble, .as she

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12 mg. per 100 cc. in jaundice. There was an extremely wide varia-

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nection with the femoral artery. Under a pressure of 120 millimetres

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every fit threatened to carry him oti'. There were only one

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additional contributory factor, activation of the Bezold-

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Lopez and even of Barrett, whose weight remained the same

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composable substances with which such articles are apt to be soiled,

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one which may be suggested, compatible with religion and social good

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