the venous blood from the viscera of digestion. The trunk formed

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This can be rapidly controlled by a simple manoeuvre, namely, the in-

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syphilis. Nails, symmetrically affected, dry, brittle,

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cal officers, fresh from civil life and accustomed to the

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The fungus which produces ringworm in both horses and

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ssClark, L. N. : Jour. Biol. Chem., 1915, xxii, 485.

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applied by any technic unless some way can be found to overcome the

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the purpose. If no preliminary attention be required although


contents of 18 out of 68 cases among Italian soldiers. The gastric

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hot and dry ; the cervix uteri hard, swollen, immovable, and

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cases illustrating the effect of Hydrated Oil in practice, are concisely stated in a

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following is a description given of the dog's condi-

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external circulation is kept up with comparative ease, the blood


averaging perhaps 100 mm. Hg. Lung complications may occur, either

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margin is frequently broken. In some instances a considerable por-


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material. The child acts as if a great burden had been lifted

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cases where it is used for the express purpose of lowering the temperature.

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In appreciation of my family for their enduring love

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which it most commonly assails its subjects, and the influence

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but little further benefit is noted. Change is necessary. This

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dant; but that the mortality is least among cases where assistance is required to