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known also to enter the bile ducts, producing jaundice and even hepatic

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it is not uncommon to find, amongft a large number,

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Charles Darwin (1808-1892), in that remarkable series of deductions

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liver, or other parts to which the disease can be attributed.

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A contagious febrile disease, communicated to man from the horse, ass,

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and if so, does the fact hold good for beer, wines, etc. ? The experiments

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absence of itching and pain, and the tendency for the lesions to arrange

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striated, and somewhat rigid. They taper gradually towards hoth ends,

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wrong diagnosis may be made, and irreparable harm inflicted on a child

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in which it has lasted two or three months. The disease is liable to

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in the character of the onset and in the early symptoms which are

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disease increased. Such changes would naturally be reflected in improve-

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liquid in the stomach, but, after vomiting, a large quantity of gas may

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Willis, and especially in the revised edition of this translation by Bowie,

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thickened, lose their serous covering and gradually — three months

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Much can be done towards the prevention of tuberculosis, by educating

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and. contains 1 per cent, of water. Methylic alcohol, or wood naphtha, is

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direction of Professor Macleod, to determine the exact rela-

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febrile distress rapidly abates, the temperature falls to normal, and in the

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etc. There will also he found t\yo most important eontributions:

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tingeing the skin and giving rise to malarial hematogenous jaundice. If

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In the rectum the ulcers are usually of small size. Haemorrhage from the

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coats ; the new hair being always of it's natural co-

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tion, cough, cyanosis, and the symptoms generally of diffuse bronchitis.

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may throw medical men off their guard. Too often this toxic hysteria