nastics is beneficial, since it tends to invigorate the heart-muscle ; it is

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forward inclination of the trunk. The puncture is then made between

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patient presents a mucous patch, he must wait one year longer.

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Definition. — An acute paralysis, beginning in the legs and ascend-

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intestinal catarrh of children, on account of atrophic changes afi'ecting

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course of the affection may be comprised in this period, convulsions being

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rectum by the use of approved specula. The volume of the abdomen

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with the affected eye, the sound eye is moved still farther in that direc-

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Bxamination of the Feces. — Although the results are in most

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mation of the parts is not infrequent in these cases, and may be ushered

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tion is eoiyicident ivith a more or less sudden increase in the quantity of

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quently to the shoulders, and thence down the arms, particularly the

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the use of the limbs in as natural and comfortable a manner as

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marked. Knee-jerks absent. Pupils small, but examination of eyes other-

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The special senses remain unaffected, and even when the atrophy extends

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0.324) or a Avhiff of chloroform may be given. The local application of

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ticularly of the glutei, causes the patient, when he rises from the stooping

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of the disease are evolved. Indeed, in the latter class the patient may

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have suffered from a primary attack of appendicitis. In most of these

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sentences ; and the pupils are frequently unequal and fail to react to

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chronic Bright's disease cause hypostatic bronchitis. The primary form,

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directly due to the vascular disturbance are severe headache, optic neur-'

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vescent alkaline drinks, and lime-water may be indicated. Peptonized

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The bowels should be kept free by the aid of laxatives or laxative alka-

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ular large oil-enemata administered once or twice dailv. During the

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puration in the thorax. Prior to the occurrence of this accident the

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opportunities for research and treatment that this and similar

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patient may be sent to a Avarm climate in winter and to a cooler one,

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(,f ) nervous affections, as locomotor ataxia, acute and transverse myelitis,

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habit is forming and the doses are still slight. As the craving increases,

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practically wanting. Those usually present have been indicated in