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and retina are involved, and partial or total blindness results. Vision,
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found that with a proper selection of nourishment, but without the presence
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ustthe patience and reason in teaching and controling
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Carolina Medical Association, and such other associations as the Society may
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latter case the phenomena are more pronounced and persist for a longer time. The
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48. Inflammation of the inner surface of the intestines is, in some
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when injected into animals differs in no way from that manifested
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notch, and he has found the head in each instance high upon
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who take to morphine on small excuse, because it Lies to their hand. Of
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should be frankly made known to each other. Many who have been for
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to me that great caution is necessary in recommending these cases
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amyloid degeneration is also developed in the vessels of the
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compensation for the time spent at school." Cavalry officers,
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not make out the shape . . . seems moving about. N.B. —
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Pilocarpine in Puerperal Eclampsia. — The use of this
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In all cases of diarrhea, I usually order a change of diet ; for,
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•54905 j.m. Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Geologie und
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quency and conditions of invasion of this bacillus into the tissues of the
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arteries greatly increased, from the increased impetus of the more capacious
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or scum. Garnish with a large quantity of double parsley,
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of the part. These anesthetics wholly prevent reflex inhibition,
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been met with in cases where tubercular lun" mischief mi^ht be
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1751. The plague in Constantinople destroyed 200,000 lives.
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whose parents had recently died, leaving her alone.
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by an attack of acute mania, with incoherence of speech, restlessness,
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ability to pass his urine. Pupils remaining large for
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