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bacilli, and plump, capsulated bacilli resembling Bacillus aeroijenes cap-

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form a triangular flap of the middle of the under surface of the prepuce,

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of two months, having completed all the exercise grades with a final

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state that they furnished the materials for their formation. The expres-

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is superb, and nothing can be finer than the way in which he carries

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any time — for the man was perfectly able to walk, to feed


discrepancy between these authors and Gruber of St.

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24. The production of methemoglobin by pneumococci, /. Exp. Med.,

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Replies to advertisements with key numbers should be

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In the process of elimination of pathogenic bacteria, especially from

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Garliok. " Observations on the ophthalmoscopic appearances in the tubercular

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sections showing the position of the haemorrhage. At its upper

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medicine shall promptly report such conduct to a peer review

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the accounts which I have read, but it must be something like

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The Medical Diseases of Childhood. By Nathan Oppenheim, A.B. (Harv.), M.D.

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to about 378° C. (100* F.) and keeping it at that point for

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purpose, — are sufficient, that is to say, to sustain my asser-

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wife had been celebrating the eighth anniversary of

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acute purulent synovitis. When this systemic infec-

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sartorius is implanted into the quadriceps extensor tendon in the not


the collection and preparation of such plants for market.

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than 250 ng per ml. The findings of an admission chest

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of this treatment, and of the importance of the factor of time between