ack College, and entered the New York Free Academy, now the
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city, he entered the University of Vienna and was gradu-
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" It is not long after an epidemic comes, before the long-
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for Non-Penetrating Intereranial Trauma" {Annuls of Surg., Vol.
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he graduated and passed the following year as house surgeon in the
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anaemia, so that they have already been described. Their intensity and
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So far in advance of the usual practice and beliefs of
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the ConsuKiug Staff of the Hahnemann Hospital of New
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were used to annul the pain, will be most favorably impressed
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The sac refilled in each case, and some inflammation ensued ;
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philanthropy to-day seem joining hands to lift between criminals
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the following list of officers for the ensuing year : —
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exists, and his greatness is plainly recognizable in the quality, if
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A close parallel to the above supposititious case is found in the
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account of the great extent of the synovial cul-de-sac under
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tioner could be found to share this " surprise ; " such being, for-
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service. The year 1885 was marked for him by his appointment as
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ing in charge, the following subjects were presented: 4< Scarlet
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or law of cure), which says that medicines cure diseased condi-
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all forms of electricity, would be injurious, and therefore contra-
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system, the locomotor apparatus, the heart, and the circulation.
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The result in these and other cases has been as satisfactory
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This pressure should be made in a perpendicular direction
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The dealer in facts who ventures into the realm of art, too
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the metallic probe to the electric exploring apparatus, have
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ology and Bicleriology. In December, i88g,he was elec-
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extensive and valuable one — for he is an omnivorous
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effect from a ten-thousandth of a grain of a drug, especially if
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and others. He also delivered many lectures before various medical
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the patient " paying his money and taking his choice
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York Neurological Society, the Medical Society of the
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rience with it has not been very satisfactory. Pepsin and in-
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of application and usefulness, are clearly and tersely described.
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already since become unmistakably phthisical. This number, of
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corporal and regimental non-commissioned staff officer. He took part
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American epidemics could always be traced to emigrants from
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the patient swallowing the intrabuccal fluids, and finally to
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well. After receiving a preparatory education he entered Yale Uni-
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velopment of the Hospital in accord with modern scien-
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03. In the latter year he returned to the United States, located in
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Gynecologist at the Xew York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital
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variola, typhus fever, yellow fever, rheumatic fever, pertussis,