A Complicated Twin Lahor. I>y II. (t. Laxdis, A. ^I., M.

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The subject of these experiments was a young man 23 years of age,

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wounds, leaving it for Dr. J. Hamilton, only quite re-

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might be disregarded as a diagnostic sign. He would call at-

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When there is much mucus I use lavage and an intra-

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6. A hnormal percussion phefwmena. — Percussion in cases of pulmonary

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powder, of a peculiar disagreeable smell, and bitter,

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difierent technique and obtained widely divergent results. Foulerton

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Dc ^, from Down East," shall have a place. The medical depart-

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pump ; atropine, ether, and brandy subcutaneously, and

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examination of the patient, including blood findings, urinalysis,

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easily recognized, and the presence of a definite number of polynu-

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ceeds from external gangrenous parts. Unless the morti-