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quantity of faecal matter — small in calibre, and somewhat ribbon-
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tarian standpoint, if only for procuring euthanasia.
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from rffe animals which have gone before him is that by
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from memory to memory, while sensations stream from every sense organ
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ment was a latent property dependant on different conditions
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to the use of the drug; a review of the literature would seem to show
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recent investigations of Flexner and Noguchi upon the constitution of the
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1. The genial departmental head listens with a critical ear.
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cal experiment a fact first noticed in astronomical
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sugar in the blood of the muscles at the moment of death is very soon
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Diphtheria, throat red and shining, face flushed. Bleeding of the nose
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following : " And any person violating such regulations shall
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life of Uie same individual when in health. For this reason
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neurogenic or the myogenic hypothesis that can, taken singly, be con-
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cases are diverted into various channels. The most experienced men
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ing surgeon at the Litchfield County Hospital, the Middlesex
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scissors constructed for the pui-pose (iridotomy scissors). An opening, which
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stigma attached, may be treated with privacy and completeness at the