Barry, William Francis, Jr., M.D. (Pennsylvania, 1946), As-
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he evidently practised it half a century before Seutin's time, and the suc-
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had recently repelled Massena's army, I was very justi-
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Yet we still see leucine and choline spelt without the final e, and gelatin
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sat in the seats of the mighty ; but his was a homespun
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twelve girls, and a preponderance of girls for the rest
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condition of the blood, that condition being the result
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may also be said that the acme of perfection has been more nearly
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(1894). Residuary bequest of Mrs. Harriet Hayden. Open to colored
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blood, and which we conjectured came from an artery, both
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Berrettinus, Petrus. Tabulae anatomicae, a Gajetano Petriolo Romano.
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wool, or painted with a paste made of milk and a little liq. plumb, sub-
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multiplying virus of Syphilis, decompose it, as well as those
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spread throughout the whole urinary tract and the ureters become
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research they concluded that there is no difference in
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precautions, and protected with sterile dressings until it separates
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and was not followed by any bad after-effects, except lassi-
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might not cause a hyperesthesia of the sensitive nerve trunks
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but never before this era in the matter of a state board of health.
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for a considerable period. The conclusions advanced
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2004 Showed that a special kind of heart pacemaker combined with a defibrillator significantly
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minute to each affected muscle lest it become fatigued and ex-
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subject is one that had engaged his serious attention at dif-
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tions, fullness, acidity, or a feeling often described as a "weight," or "load," or
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believed, in killing or wounding one of the enemy. The Maoris
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puncture should not be delayed. The finding of elastic fibers in the sputum
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occur in the practice of medicine in the future. The
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organ seemed perfectly healthy. — (Veter, Journ.)
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ol the intestines and some of the complications which occur, War-
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given disease, than others. For example the following dis-
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Law pointed out an interesting fact learned from observation,
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if the doctor had the judgment or authority to operate within the
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fever. The suffused conjunctiA-a^ and contracted pupils — "pinhole
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bers, and collect or abate the same, as the Fellows may advise.
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on entering the army. He was hit on the left side of the head
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they are like granulation and pus cells ; nevertheless, they are spe-
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5. Death of spinal marrow ; cessation of respiration (heart's
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Cancer Center. Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New