obtained from the natural sugar. A parallel measurement of the
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Fig. 2. The most convincing evidence of relationship between
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if we were without any other example of successful crossing, the
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plum stones were passed by a patient, who lived two years after having
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and only very few and small arterial anastomoses are found to
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mediastinum, heart, pericardium, and large blood vessels. The
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serum and that this property may be of value in the early diagnosis of
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depended entirely uiK)n the constitiition of tlie indi-
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turbances produced by injury to the nerve fibres of
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which evidently actuated some of them, is, in our opinion, the one
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The illness of the wage earner would cancel the income. It was esti-
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the alimentary canal was made as empty as possible.
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(5) bronchi, (6) lungs, (7) esophagus, or (8) stomach (the last
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the veterinary inspector, who is only concerned with the
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On November 22, 1919, the patient developed phj'^sical signs of con-
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two periods as follows : Three or five years, 18 — to 18 — ,
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The bacteriological examination in these cases, carried out
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been damaged by these other agencies. It is true that Metschnikoff has
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drachm of emetic tartar, given in a bran mash, every
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flf^Hlfl m^imfffVinmff * * • q^^^^im mx^^ 1 Chikit., Ch.
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speedy course. Out of the large number of cases of diphtheria
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injected into the remaining two animals did not contain streptococci.