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a poor prognosis. It usually presents with hormonal dis-
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and so interrupts the flow of the urine; males may suffer from all these,
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In all cases of lacerated or torn vessels, suppuration
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We think the question of temper is of more importance
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The chief anatomic and physiologic peculiarities of a new-
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General Editor: Peter John Anderson, M.A., LL.B., Librarian to the
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der at the time of paralysis, it was at first suspected that regen-
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I have reason to believe that this is the surest method of prevent-
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•5915 Headley, F. W. Structure and life of birds.
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meeting in San Antonio, Texas, on February 20th, 21st, and 22d. This con-
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pre-eminently was the search after exact facts; for these he had a love
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in investigating and reporting the results of such an
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increase in the number of volumes, only one hundred and thirty-three
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no dog in the house where the patient lived. On examining the
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Normal and subnormal temperature. Fever; classifications of
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and peevish, and had a very high fever and afterwards perspired