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meter ranged from 42.2° on the 13th to 44.5° on the 26th and 28th.
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1897 f. — Bothriocephalus %w/«Mon., ein gefahrlicherFischparasitdesMiiggelsee's.
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Lieut.-Col. J. F. Wood, Capt. R. H. Thomas, Colonel J. M. Elder,
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of tanning, or combining with animal geiatine, and in the
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cian, however, did tap it, and withdrew seven pints of fluid.*
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Professor of Surgery in the University of Maryland, who has kindly fur-
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in the navicular region) often prevails. This is an inflammatory
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I thought to myself, what a blessing if every veterinary surgeon
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hay long before the date of weaning arrives. A little may
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Treaiment. Powdered aloes, one ounce ; tincture of aconite
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employed, it is meant that the amount of pain in the throat affords
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as comfortable as possible by cooling drinks and a cool, well-ventilated
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healing, even of very large wounds, took place in a short time
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letic traumata, frequently cause this type of bleeding.
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• Volkm. Sammlg. klin. Vortr., No. 296, and Deutaohe med. Zeitung, No. 86, 1888.
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in charge of the service, to see the patient, with a view
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pale and then purple, and they refuse to eat or leave the
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the latter connect with the left ventricle. He thus
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development of the disease is often the cause of diagnostic failure.
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ascending frontal convolution causes phonatory movements of the
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that there is at least a small amount of antitoxin also present.
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The work done by the Graduate Nurses' Association of British
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is sometimes caused by the secretions from the throat of the patient being
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future. At present they are fads, and very expensive and silly fads.
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stooping down in the street to adjust the lacing of her
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of the thorax in the mammary line is not half the height
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ments on tlie nervous system, and the remainder to various
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principles employed in determining species in the higher plants and animals.
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DR. W. S. MULLINS. o, H^de.on, Ky., DR. CHAS. W. AITKIN, of P,en.in.s-