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of the 6th, and high winds blew on the 9th and 26th. It is remarkable

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Boardman Reed, M.D., Professor of Diseases of the Gastro-lntes-

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virtually unlimited sporting, recreational, cultural, and

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Let the whey cool until it will not scald, then stir in the flour,

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admission; then put up in straight position, with weight and

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Before I describe the operation of nicking, it niay

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should be, makes the percentage of 2 less than it should be. These in-

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nective tissue a mortar-like material which in the fresh

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layers, and thus it was similar in structure to tonsillar tissue.

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known vasomotor condition is capable of causing any

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contribute in no small measure to the improvement of the profession

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ing. Instead of getting the hundred dollars, as waa

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Sir James Paget, and others, and comprehending such important ques-

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last of August, as the beets require dry, sunny weather during Sep-

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entirely discarded. Some must be used as physic; some as ointment.

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ilus components. Therefore, 'Dyazide should be used with

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profession, engaged in hospital and private practice, joined the

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theory of disease, with the growth of the science of

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surprising how frequently chloasma is erroneously set down as one

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These sections, coupled with the cultures, indicate that the guinea pig probably

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fore the greatest care and caution ought to be used, and her

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dance, fetidity and acridity of the sweat, which may be so intense as

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Angeles (Dr Keung). and the University of Hong Kong (Drs Liang and Chiu).

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I believe there has been some confusion, during this afternoon's discus-

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ciated ; so that deterioration of general health may then be reckoned,

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Clinical Society, when this communication was expected to be read. Dr. Ogle