turning in September, I was called during the absence of his able medical atten-
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thigh is also flexed on the abdomen and the leg on the thigh. The opis-
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numbers (3J ā€” 4.0 ; |jā€” 32.0) in order to render it of greater practical
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a hyperacidity of the thyroid gland, and thus we may be led
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ized the chief seat of the aifection in the colon, and in 1626, Sennertus
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there is no black, there is no sugar. This test will show sugar
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Ian Maclaren says he has often been asked the question,
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his return dyspeptic symptoms were more pronounced. He was put upon
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vesicle begins at the center, and that the pocks may appear on the mucous
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Going south, we find all nations have their favorite tipple,
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affected limb, to be worn over night and followed in the morning by a cold ab-
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lithsemic conditions a more or less deficiency of bile, and hence
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and lighter. Hence, should a fourth or a fifth febrile period occur, it
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usually follows the hyperesthesia. Any voluntary muscular movements,
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Remember one thing : used in any way it is hard on the teeth,
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liver can work up. In the nervous forms there is a vasomotor
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tion improved, and gradually restored to health. If this treatment be
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I had once a dear friend who died of diabetes. He was an
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which presents decided advantages over all others, in that it does not
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from ultra cases of rheumatic gout. Whether or not uric
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the local epidemic outbreaks in jails, barracks, institutions, etc., predis-
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no sugar is added, and the natural sugar of the grape has
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packs) to the real nerve stimulating procedures (douches and affu-
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temporarily blase from the exactions of the social whirl.
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have shown an unmistakable increase of C0 2 elimination. *
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the etiology of a given case of goitre. The infective origin may
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and for a few years afterwards several idiotic children were
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* Blatter fur klinische Hydrotherapie, February, 1893.
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3. The elimination of toxins is promoted by the wet compress, as
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child endows it with greater susceptibility to the development of nervous
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press, it is (piile e\ideiil thai seme physicians liaxc ahiised their
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As to the antiseptic treatment of typhoid fever by intestinal
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systematic Brand (antifebrile) method, and a modified Brand method
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and the old homes change, often so much as to make the
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erally perversely lean, and will not get fat, even when in per-
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