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at any one level, their prolongations into the upper levels of the cord

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In college, one of our teachers once delivered the following

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operators in the practical application of this mechanical de-

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in wafer, and by its inflammability. It burnt with a thick smoky flaffli

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fall in concentration as unprovement commenced are worthy of note,

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Williams, Kenrick Henry Bold, Llansaintffraid, Comuay.

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ascending myelitis by the absence of anaesthesia and of pelvic symptoms ;

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and that the people, taught by experience, on seeing

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inactive if the pylorus is shut off from the remainder of the organ. It is

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Several causes contribute to produce the fluctuations in the rate

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Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland — 3, Hanover Square,W.

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salts, with one or more active non-narcotic ingredi-

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this having a few fragments of slough still adherent to it. Surely the lesion

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to the study of the subject. Accordingly, he sold his boat and attended the

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bowels. It is only in typhoid that a deficit of twenty-

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The theory that the thickness of the retina suffices

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for isolating infectious cases. The total cost of the hos-

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rive at Cleveland in the morning may leave Boston at 2.00

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leti'opulsive. Lvon med., 1899, xci, 406-408. — J>arrabee

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times and the dispersion allowance is 20 percent. How many fixed

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provided for by means of two tubes which also served for constant eusol irrigation

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cessive numbers of your Journal, everything worth answering which

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the whole right side of the abdomen was without any support ; it looked

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properly. Such cases should be treated by recumbency,

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little were they chemico-gelatinous; neither were they ether in-

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follows Braun's nomenclature, and distinguishes infiltration anaesthesia

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The methods of endoscopic surgery learned from these

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imparted the influence of which extends to every organ and

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and shall have graduated prior to September i, 1907, and make

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the uterus ; the cause of that obstetrical terror, eclampsia ; and

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dition, 10,000 units should be given intravenously.

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der it a convenient centre and exchange for all dress-reformers, who

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the vagi, or (b) of sinus tissue, or (c) of both, so that the automaticity

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penis, and tliis partis exceedingly vascular ; such is

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feeling of coldness all over, or coldness of the extre-

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