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has also to a certain degree antiseptic properties ; it does not favor de-

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He confesses to have been in the habit of drinking more or less spirit daily

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Wheat ; its bitterness, therefore, is a good test of its

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he could drink, eating was so unpleasant to him. Long life mnch de-

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a red or orange-yellow precipitate on boiling. Quantitative analysis is

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cases of penicillin resistant gonorrhea be reported

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Tremor saltatorius postepilepticus. Prag. med. Wchu-

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examination in such cases could not be over-estimated. The

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they may occasionally produce undesirable qualities or perhaps

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affected, but the wrists, elbows, and rarely the hips and shoulders may be

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lieved by the removal of the cerumen, and the subsequent ap-

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composition of the organs. These exist independently of the

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When the nerves go off, either from the spinal canal or the

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water. We have had some sad examples of fractured vertebrae

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to use at home. The exercises should be given by the ocu-

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them most useful to the people. Dr. Josiah Curtis, an eminent

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be able to see how it is possible that a gun-shot wound of a large

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irregular epithelial tubules, the largest of which is extensively

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blished, but each was accompanied with an excessive discharge of blood.

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mummified; and in its neighbourhood new vesicles spring up,

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all cases a maximum vitality of twenty-four to thirty-four days on ordinary

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abnormities of vision may be the unsuspected cause, and therefore the

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"In the case referred to, I used nitric acid, and, as stated in the report, found

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in children it is usually the vulva and the region external

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course is over to go for a few weeks into the mountains to

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cases incidentally given, for which I must < of the city would give an authoritative ex-