normal physical signs over the hepatic area, the differential diagnosis
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Differential Diagnosis. — Fatty infiltration of the liver is not apt
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Low tension, with signs of cardiac dilatation, scanty albuminous
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The etiology of the congenital form is unknown, though the fact
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ments, followed by medicated tampons, relieved condition, and a
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ticular places. In more than one-half of all cases the lenticulo-striate
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Not infrequently the cases are so mild as to be attended by few, if any,
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of the very best English teict-books on the subject." — London Lancet.
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appendix. Shortly after middle life the cavity of the appendix becomes
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at variance with the experience of clinicians in general ; but I believe
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place into the brain-substance, into the ventricles, or into the meninges,
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from the intestines of an infested man, ox, horse, dog, or jackal, enters
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sively involved, the walls of the thorax become unduly prominent and
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ored). Paroxysms oi pain resembling hepatic colic, though less severe,
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distress, and dyspnea both inspiratory and expiratory. Cyanosis may
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cases, and hence measures calculated to avoid this event must be brought
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outlined above between sunstroke (including the asphyxia! and hyper-
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tuberculin R, Maragliano's serum, and Pacjuin's antitubercle-serum have
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vena cava, and the jugular veins. The obstruction to respiration may
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ness life, grievances, and any startling news or sudden excitement. The
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* Deutsche Zeitschrij't fur Chirurgie, February, 1900.
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The differential diagnosis between pulmonary carcinoma and pul-
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and asthma), (e) Toxic agencies, as in jaundice, blood-poisoning, alco-
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tees was made. Since that time the statistics of both sides have
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of the air-cells takes place, with the production of large air-sacs. The
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nary disease opinions differ widely ; I am of the belief, however, that prior
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tion and flow of saliva, with a fetid breath and swollen tongue, follow.
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experience of many years in the Dispensary and Out-Patient
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adenoid reticulum between the cells, on account of which they have
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Casts from the ureters are often secondary to hemorrhages ; in such
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to practise. He said, "Hahnemann is a scholar of great merit,
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side of the heart, is extremely grave. It is usually indicative of dila-
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suffering from brain lesions with a view to obtaining exact data regard-
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tions, or syphilis, while coexisting hepatic and splenic enlargements, wast-
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a more or less marked atrophy, though there are no degenerative
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tory and the usual course of the affection that it is of microbic origin.
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mucus. In rare instances the matter vomited is a dark-brown liquid.
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It is interesting to note that in rare instances cerebral abscess is an
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These signs are generally discoverable at the base of one or other lung.
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of the utmost importance to make a careful study of the patient's history
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scesses may follow impacted calculi, and it is always a secondary affection.
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Diet of Children as Influenced bv Fecal Examination, The. By J.
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convalescence it is my custom to omit the electric treatment, Avhile the
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of the cord, /5er se, cannot be recognized clinically. Recently Lichtheim,
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