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medicine found its birth-place in the manger of regular medicine.

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except on Thi\rsday, when vaudeville entertainers put on their five

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casioned by contraction of the longitudinal and circular fibers of

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is a primary cell disease, and that the alterations visible in the nerve

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sor of Neurology in the Dunham Medical College of Chicago.

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The first mate began to complain of the same symp- j

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,, 4 9 — Daaodex equi. Male and female. Also capitulum from

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years. Women are more frequently affected than men, though cases of

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and we need scarcely commend it again to the notice of our readers.

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The symptoms of plugging of the external iliacs are coldness of

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may wish to identify, corresponding with the marks he has already made on

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with a new nomenclature, was a colossal work which Craik,

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may also be troubles in the genital sphere ; or in walking the patient may

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Dr. E. Williams, of Cincinnati, contributes this paper to

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the tenderness of the tissues about the joint dimin-

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Sucralfate is a complex of sulfated sucrose and aluminum

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observed. Moreover, she died of inflammation of the lungs, as

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directly arrested the muscular spasm. The action of opium and that of aconite are

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ance of forced respiration. However, never permit a human

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5. Kunkel, H. G. : Estimation of alterations of serum gamma

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heavy pain — rarely acute, darting, stabbing, throbbing or bursting. It

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ually applied to the upper portion of the passage immediately around the

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of superficial thrombophlebitis. Shortly thereafter, calf

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had it been accompanied by a rigid, perhaps even aggressive,

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of him. This character of his delirium lasted some four days, when it

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— Dr. A. Jacobi, President ; Drs. H. B. Sands and J. Lewis

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and too often by specious pleas, or the injudicious policy of

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" The physiological arguments in favor of torsion are very great, and the

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stomach in motion, but also its contents, and thus the food is di-

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cycle ^0.47. The record taken during the tying of this ligature shows no

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135, measles 105, fever 97, diarrhea 44, whooping-cough 41,

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tion for one day, at a charge of fifty cents, the pro-

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the stem. Branches and twigs of this plant with their bright-red berries are a

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lach). It seems to lose its virulence when introduced into the in-

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A complete blood count, sedimentation rate, and uri-