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Dr. Baker was appointed a committee to confer with the rep-

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as to the specific character of phthisis, viz., that

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Heidingsfeld (Urol, ind Cut. Review, May 1918) discusses this in a

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Dressings cut in proper sizes, bandages and gauze, sponges, towels,

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Califoma Ave, SW, #7, Seattle, WA 981 1 6; (206) 932-21 33.

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medical college. The high standards of scholarship maintained by its members

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inferior convex surface formed by the decidua covering the ovum,

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cent, of people can be hypnotised, it generally requires

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registering between 105°F. and 90°F. It is placed in warm water at

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on the part of the State, it is quite the contrary with reference to

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Case XI.* — Potempski reports a case of supposed cere-

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tain that a child will have this disease ; we have known many

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were as potent as before, for only two died out of ten when this

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firmatory before the spasm, causing the spasm to be antici-

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Eor Social Research at the University of Michigan, and

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When there is too much blood in the veins of the head, there is a dull pain or

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better conditions and improve the race to make them bet-

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His results show that digitoxin and digitalinum verum do not give

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Similar experiments demonstrated that the number of pollen grains