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In breeding, it is always best to give both the subject

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the many proofs of the efficacy of the measure in sthenic pneumonia.

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neurogenic or the myogenic hypothesis that can, taken singly, be con-

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We were the first to use it in surgical operations at our

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perceptible the abscess is frequently unsuspected. An acute ab-

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early morning, which roughly divides the twenty-four hours

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passed assistant surgeon accepted as tendered, by direction of

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this irregularity of the pulse in Graves's disease has been sufficiently brought

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zj, 2 j N. American ichthyology. 3 pts. (U.S. Nat. Mus.

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bility are usually unimpaired; there is no tremulous agitation, as

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seminars, and conferences, to informal discussions during breakfast. The services and programs

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night and morning — previously sponging the surface with warm

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must be revealed to the officers of the town within twenty-four hours of onset. ^


^higa: "Ueber Versuche zur Schutzimpfung gegen die Ruhr.." Deutsch. med.

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the necropsy the only tuberculous lesion was a small calcareous

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This matter relates to a study which has not hitherto received

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Phosphoric Acid.— Nervous debility and prostration. Debility of

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out moving the other. Facial movements, also, are nearly always bilateral.

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an hour. I also taught the Physical Geography class dur-

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sium iodida The amount of the iodide capable of producing these

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father had suffered with ataxia during the last ten years of his life, and there

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warm weather, the lower one', which were the largeit, and

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within which or from which the lesions developed. In the scrotum,

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ral and one for irritable inguinal, all successful.

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of the views in his paper. He distinctly avowed (in

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on Wednesday, February 12, 1908, at the hospital. Program: Presenta-