sary for the study and for the understanding of life.
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should not be forgotten that the department in which Sir AV.
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body (he says) can make even a suggestion of the source.
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those which, like the rest of the protoplasm, are albuminous
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the second was a man, aged 62, who was alive one year after
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it has its practical side, of interest especially to this country
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generally regarded, both by medical men and the laity, as a'
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alleged duty that devolves upon a newcomer to pay the usual pre-
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contemplated. The recurrence of the disease was very dis-
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termed by him "tissue fibrinogens." The fact that both
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Oliver, Neweastleupon-Tyne ; Mr. J. H. Openshaw, Sidcup ; (P) Mr.
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James Paget— who had since remained his life- long friend
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diseases, equal to an annual rate of 3.7 per KoiK), which was 1.6 above
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the XrtJice^, February 11th, p. 289: "It is difficult to understand
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usual supply of food. They are, at all events, most useful
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military medical officers attended the last Royal levee, their names are
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puncture whence the preceding one had been brought out, so
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fessors of Practice of Phytic, Materia Medica. Pathology, and Gyno?colo?y
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The effect of the first division of the voyage as far as the
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resided. By this means alone can trustworthy data be secured upon
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The question affects other ports than that of London.
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Borneo and Malacca for the purpose of studying the develop-
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plies the iron which was before so scanty in the blood ; but
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Southern Branch : South Wilts District.— A meeting of this Dis-
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silver medal in surgery, the gold medal being carried off by
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Lord Randolph Chuechill has consented, conditionally
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Memorial Children's Ward " in the hospital of the University