a. Patton, W. S.: On a parasite found in the white corpuscles of the blood of palm

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neighbourliood of each gland a subtle fluid or ferment, whose

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ion. While we have often seen the pelvis deluged with pus and no

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degenerated, or become weaker in its protective powers; and, lastly,

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Snake-stones were originally brought from Java, and sup-

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short time. But such improvement is deceptive, for sepsis pursues its

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6. The winter constitution is generally characterized as follows : physiological disposi-

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Prior to the experiments of Blum^ in 1901, when he demonstrated

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nutriment has been supplied without fatiguing the sto-

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pons and spinal cord, does not accord with what I have found in

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new wife was found waiting for him ; the door being locked

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the Editor, will be issued in January, 1867, price by mail $2.50 ;

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6. Asphyxia. The important part played by asphyxia is perhaps not

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bers, encouraging them to produce good literary work, urging

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and nipple, and thence towards the middle of the left clavicle ; at the top of

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inhaler and the Dubois apparatus are described in an appendix.

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the tips of the fingers ; slight muscular weakness, with indisposition for exertion, menUd

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ter-crack. False quarter. Horny tumor of the Laminse. Corns. Bruises

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the iron. Of course not all of my patients received the max-

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ever, only another amusing assumption of this self-

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he was familiar, he immediately replied in the unknown tongue, and the

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chairman). Radiologist-in-Chief, New York Hospital.

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bladder. For all this, we succeeded in collecting nearly all that i>assed for four

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Frequent on wet banks ; Green River, August 25, 1894 (No. lOOo).

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extensive district of Burdwan, where the fi'ce drainage is interrujDted by

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