pigment, which presents no reaction in the presence of nitrous
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diseases of the breathing organs, to turn to Chapter XIII., in this
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might remain, the crust should be lowered with the rasp
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'riiiiKK inti'rontin^ nmm of what would appear to )w the oommeticemnnt
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as they arise in a new locality and not infrequently a rapid
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ability. All remittances must be made payable to Thomas F.
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The direct cause of the disease is not known. There is some
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officer was killed, he attached himself to the battalion and dressed and surpervised the evacuation
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cholera of the human race, it is accompanied by much
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blood newly drawn. The same power of holding blood fluid is possessed by the acetic
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solvent power than that of the rabbit or guinea pig. At all events,
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a suppurative process in the thigh. These abscesses must be opened
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(vomiting, etc.) to the mouth; in cattle and sheep its en
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Silent, powerful, and hills are as level road to the 3 h. p. Armac Motor — NOT a racing ma-
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training, however eminent his natural abilities may be.
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and Boro-glyceride" in the Treatment of Purulent Inflamma-
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expected to acquiesce under a gag-law system, which
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In his recent address at the Stockholm Academy of Sciences
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to accept wliat is suggested to him by others, without attempting
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formation of blue iodide of starch. That quinine actually does
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parts ; the last being used to cause more friction among the particles.
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male, the other a female. One had a first attack, the other a
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the kind occur in the latter sex also. It commonly happens that the first
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and lard very thoroughly through it ; dissolve the soda in a
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The description I have given is that of the disease
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lowering influence on the blood pressure, and to combine it with
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Decomposition of Cadmium Salt with Ammonium Carbonate. — The
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vesicle : nevertheless a definite result was obtained, in the form, how-
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discharge comes on, and before the patients become ema-
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ecary, or else for die ingenuity with which he adapts him-
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following places:— U. S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn; Green-
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and not infrequently is torn at several spots. Because of the result-
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and convenient, and if there is the will, all nuisances can be easily
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u the dose of house-physic and keeping quiet," and the saig-
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47. The effects, of successive stimuli and of tetanizing stimuli on skeletal muscle
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of alcohol determines the formation of crys- | superintendent, Mr J. N. Radcliffe, who is
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Enlargement of the abdomen occurred first, about nine weeks bo-
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and fees for that quarter will be retained in the fol-