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to 0.5 c.c. The spinal fluid cell count became normal in nearly every

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great variety of causes which may produce this symf)tom :

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of the artery. The trunk of the vessel becomes dilated in a similar

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relative insufficiency of the aortic valves is distinguished, according

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Huchard administers 30, 40, or 50 drops of the above solution. He

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the subject be recumbent ; or if the observation be made in the sitting

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reduced below 0.2. With recovery from serum disease the retained

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apex stroke. The reduction in the force of the heart may be more

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circumstances are sometimes observed in the muscular structure of

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dilutions were made in the manner above indicated. In dilution No. 1

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Pettenkofer test, with spectroscopic confirmation, and no bile pigment

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both pellagrous, and only 17 of father and child. But mothers are 2.3

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The orientation sense was tested either with the finger-to-nose move-

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charged a lymphous or milky fluid, the amount varying from a few

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The Depressant Group : The following drugs are markedly depres-

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from the sixteenth to the twenty-first year, inclusive, and he died early

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swelling; the excretion for that day, however, shows a preliminary

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wife, who was assisting in her father-in-law's household during this time of

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it no separate consideration as a distinct disease.

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which, if distinct, actually decides the case; and next the palpable

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various writers may put the same substance in very different lights.

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the blood serum, the quant hies are too small to give rise to error when

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cause complete or partial neutralization. From this view point, as was

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The degree of incompetency varies greatly. Sometimes the little

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2. The death rate in year of initial attack was 15.8 per cent, for

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light and safe expectorant which may be given in the form of the

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frequently as in the case of chylous ascites. Of the existence of

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consists of numerous anastomosing spaces separated b> a trabecular

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Heine of New York, had a negative family history. His past history showed

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rule, yields to no other colour in any quality ; but that the light chest-

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and Denis. 2 The total nitrogen of the serum was also determined by

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factors came into play in causing variations in the pressure. Above all,

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kitchen, which was the building nearest to the hospital, or to the other

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tracing with sloping upstroke, rounded apex, and obliteration of

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Twenty-Four Hours Without, and After, Treatment for