of acid bodies in the urine, as well as the sugar in the urine, and from time to
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In attempting to establish the diagnosis of the mixed
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temperature. In consequence of the length of time required for each
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along the south slope of the Seminoe Mountains; in Lara-
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the four fatal cases, one died from diphtheria, one from tubercular meningitis,
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cent alcohol was added until the solution attained a strength of 50 per cent and
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fourteen inches of adjacent bowel resected and end-to-end union
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alcohol, other remedies — as cod -liver oil, iodine, quinine, morphine,
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tile, new soils, with short-stalked varieties of corn in lo
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ing the test : (^1) Always use the same tuberculin of a
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tion it would next take. But to drive it from any one
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throughout the length of the midbrain, and here most of its fibers
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appears about the middle of the thoracic region. This location
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vuLnive tension^ And on the other hand, if the convulsive fit be excited by
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sometimes perhaps causing irritation or inflammation to supervene.
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not expected to return to duty, will be discharged from service until he has attained
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of gratitude, a sum of money proportionate to the means of the
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ground and twisted the knee badly. It was very painful, and a doctor
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culty in proving that there is no known form of external aneurism which may
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the subendocardial myocardium and evidence of serious functional
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the first thing that should be done was to make an incision
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19, Lucien, aged 13, and Eelso, aged 10. They were all mild
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from without, as in cases of stab-wounds, though it may be due to per-
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increasing exercise tolerance, but confirmation of sustained
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lymphatic glands, and sore throat. Later there is a fall of the temperature by
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thirty-five Provident Dispensaries, with a balance of
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and foreign body-type giant cells. Transverse sections were
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The American girl is usually lithe and slender, and requires no
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it is stated that "no family history of phthisis existed in the
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restores the redness and vitality of the blood, and the wound
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disturbance in the vital functions ought to assume the
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and common cramp. In another variety there are rapidly alter-
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menstruation. Moreover, direct experiment shows con-
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the same precautions in replacing the bowels that I