174: 864 (June 15), 1916, where she was designated Case 10. Also the three
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for direct treatment and repair. An abdominal section in the
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properly ; the nervous system must suffer severely, as the
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atrophy. It will apparently cure a hypertrophic catarrh,
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tory, where many tests are being made daily or every other day,
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applicationof bougies, or the counter-irritant ; by the local application of iced water, lead
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of never ending amazement to us was Dr. Angulo's knowledge and remarkable facility
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zens beim Uebergang aus horizontalen in vertikale Korperstellung. Zugleich
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discharged with a little blood, and very little pain. This was
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Fig. 8. — Case; C. J. P. Closure in 17 days after rerr.oval of tubes.
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Before the removal of any bodies permission must be obtained from
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Graj)e Wine. — Take 20 lbs. of ripe freslily picked and se-
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excited by them, also contributes to disturb the aeration of the
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arteriosclerosis, blood-letting is frequently of great value. In aneurism
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a case of severe scarlet fever occurred in the house of a lady whom I had
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tific research, but, to fulfill all the requirements which may be made
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1905 e. — Due casi rari di Ccenurus serialis Gerv. [Abstract of 1902 f, bv von Lin-
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posed inguinal colostomy in 17 10; Jean Louis Petit
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Attending Pediatric Surgeon, Memorial Sloan-Kettering
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this diversity of opinion in regard to the constitutional or local
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mucosa lining them, usually remain patent in the midst of the fibrous
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carefully cleansing the vicinity of the incision it was
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An extremely lucid and sensible discussion of fractures of the lower
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active a part as I could wish in the work of the medical
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especially deserving of notice. I am not aware that it has been given continu-
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cells, although it requires a little waiting lor the
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Pelvic Abscess, with sinuses as a result of a laceration of the cervix
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that of thermic fever or insolation : yet in the hot stage the algid condition
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As artificial respiration was always carried out it is hard to say how
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on ship-board, in the stable of a private citizen, or in the narrow stenchy stalls of