or Ungual telangiectases while eating, so that blood will spurt from the injured

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abounding with that decayed vegetable matter which is

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were remarkable. I saw the case constantly with Mr. Blaker,

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examination Dr. Purdon found that the vesicles, which had all recently burst,

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Minnesota Medicine, despite the small deficit for the

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intelligently. Others among the ancients were familiar

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Oercocarpus parvifolius, H. & A. Bot. Beechey. 337 (1841).

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fashioned fire-place, and all who have ever had the felicity of warm-

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superintendents of both countries upon the question of dis-

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2, c. s.. Headquarters Division of the Missouri, will return to his

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L. L. Young, passed assistant surgeon, sick leave extended

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peculiarity, and says: " Its existence, however, might not

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reous degeneration prevented a rupture of the aneurism,

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Bruhl (1893) found in the blood and spleen a diplococcus, called by

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vomiting was repeated, collapse occurred, and he died at the end of twenty-

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avoid them. Delirium is common and is usually of the type seen in drunk-

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the Regimental Hospital, Poena, on the 15th of March last, com-

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body weight, first twenty- four hours, 0.0268 gm. ; second twenty-four hours,

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disturbed upon the track for the space of three hours.

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and bread is made more nutritious, by the introduction of a gas

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stimulants internally ; hemorrhage must be carefully looked for and

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285 John Linton, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed., Aberdoiir, . . 1863

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action in some diseases, particularly inflammations. He says

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that the urine itself was bloody — not smoky — but of a dirty

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(dass it as of almost equal value to milk. Dr. Francis

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the thoughts of men, if not in shrewdness and talents, is at

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tologic study has occasionally demonstrated the existence of intersti-

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make people wake up jumping ' ; barya sdlliman, pi., VIII, 2 ; XI, 2 ;

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nexions, of all that is valuable in this world, of-

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right side, where it was extremely tender for a space

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thing, and can be nearly always avoided with a little care

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proved Education Program for the Assistant to the Primary

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Censors — Drs. S. W. Turner, G. W. Burke, E. B. Nye.

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less speedily resumed ; possibly owing to the greater

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sion there is some fever, temperature being 100.J°.

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Treatment: — Medical treatment is of no avail. The