brain, spinal cord, &c. ; suffice it to say, there was nothing observed worthy of note.

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body. Eruption on the face, head and chest, resembling the rash

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the functions were regular ; the appetite good. He had exposed

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swallow, and finally, the hard and hnotted state of the abdominal mus-

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Here I may observe, that in the epidemic of 1826 we opened

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cold ; that children are more readily poisoned than adults ; that the

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tioners, their errors, however deplorable, are circumscribed within com-

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face, caught a projecting point of the cinder and dislodged it.

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farm-house, my feet and legs as cold as if they were immersed in ice

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the action of a less contagious secretion. This is most emphati-

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which is a great abundance of fmall flowers, growing

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7th. In both, the essential character of the disease is a violent in-

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almost every known case of monstrosity in chickens can be produced

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articular surface shows some erosion and super-proliferation of young carti-

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even after a crisis, occurring in due time, and apparently the most satis-

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the first few days, is not usual. Small rales may be heard in about

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ject, and yet if called on to decide a case of poisoning, I would refuse,

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and exhibited symptoms of violent cerebral irritation. INTow, in a

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Pathological Anatomy, while presenting the views of a certain portion

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the Body if outwardly apply ed, raife Bliflers, cor-

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like the former kinds, but feldom or never give any

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In practice, many serious inconveniences arise from this vacillating

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acre of this plant growing as a shrub from six to twelve feet high ;

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iness in the surrounding integuments, which become an additional source

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treated by another physician, who, on the occurrence of the inflamma-