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hammock-knittings being pretty thick on his coat, showed to me that the

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Anatomische Untersuchungeii am Menschlichen Rectum and

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lowing winter. On July 18, 1898, the patient was again pre-

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difficulty waft him into euthanasia in 25 seconds. The reason for

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The outer wall of the middle meatus now bulged slightly into the

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spinal meningitis. They identified correctly this microorganism, which

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Again remained in bed, this time for a month, during which time

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cluding cereal grains, celery, and fruits. In early child-

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took his share in the management of its affairs ; and on his removal

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to chronic cases of retro-displacement with adhesions.

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nor transferred from the line for service in the department Can-

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vantage ov^r many others with no noxious qualities. It

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through the Legislature at the close of the session

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did not communicate with the post-Rolandic fissure,

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degree of oedema of the hemisphere operated upon, which, like all

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with a little care and attention, be secured in its place, and

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the folds of the armpits and groins, and so swathe it ; having

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short time on boiled rice, farina, starch, or boiled milk.

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Neatly trim a nice piece of fillet or cushion of veal, lard it

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even under less forcible untoward conditions. It is true, in

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susceptiliility to the poison. But even if this l)e the fact, it should l)e gravely

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the use of peptics. Each treats the case for a few weeks, and is


the cystic duct clamped far from the gall bladder. Fur-

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ing on account of the swollen state of the tissues, but would cause

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therefore passed the experimental stage long ago —

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anything to show that the surgeon had satisfied himself as to

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and foreign body-type giant cells. Transverse sections were

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from the obliquity of the bones in question, but par-

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at that safe point where Pott would tie it in an ampu-

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nerves, and closely allied to diseases of the nervous system, is cataract,"

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Many attempts have been made to supersede the human rub-

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of the present Clerk and Executive Committee have resulted in

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tive was small, and his counsels were always in favour of

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less infested with parasites, and that parasites are, in their turn,

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to put aside easily, and after all it is a comparatively simple

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fixed catheter. Two patients in our wards have shown this quite

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To the resulting only slightly acid suspension was then added 6

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disttirbances, alterations of blood-pressure, nor cyan-

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