Morbid Anatomy. — I. (a) In this condition the mucous membrane
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Massage is one of those forms of treatment which will give
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patient. The majority of these tumors, however, are single, and may
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not be determined. It was believed to be the remains of a glioma, the nubbin
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the first to show examples of it before the Dermatological Society of London.
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showed, by the Weigort method, occasional varicosities along their
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It is greatly to be desired that the study^of this question of pro-
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Peraire, the discoverer of this new preparation, has taken pains to
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I am satisfied also that many cases have been treated for other
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average (42.4°). The mean dry-bulb readings at 9 a.m. and
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in the form of a fluid ; which appears plainly, if the
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occur from falls on the breast caused by stumbling.
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ovaries were found to be present in the upper part of the sac. They
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instances was there any severe general reaction. These doses ap-
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BASH AM, W. R — On Dropsy connected with Disease of the Kidneys (Morbus Brightii), and on some other Diseases of those
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excreted during the night is usually less than that during the day. This
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persisted with varying intensity and duration until April 12, when
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■' A and b' b, and let the straight lines thus made be produeed to meet c d, or o d pro-
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flooring beams. It contains six wards for men, three
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VANIA. — We learn from the Medirrd Record that the
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gray matter (the white being hardly injured) has been followed
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sected out from the tissue; sixth, the color is usually gray, but whei
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recognition which your work receives, the better they are
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associated with other symptoms indicative of serious mis-
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of some 650 square miles, most of it tillable, whose mean elevation is 1180 feet;
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Also to be had, a few sets of the Transactions from 1848 to 1851, in four large octavo volumes.