to produce drunkenness must be the remedy for the antecedent cachexia
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ments which may introduce the infection, but also the
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if they be necessary : Powdered gentian root, two ounces ;
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tin, M.D. II. "Experimental Research on Rabies," H. C.
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ways : either the very earliest stages of the growth of
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in such cases the momentary impression seems usually to be
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coughing, retching, or vomiting, should be prevented. The
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dilates such when possible. " In all cases of severe
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or Tsetse Fly disease. Proceed, of the Roy. Soc. London, Vol. 64,
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parents may certainly be the cause. As to convulsions in the young, the
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formed the new basis for a more scientific and intelligent attack
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directions to keep it as tight as she could bear, and to
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Hill, Dr. Gnu, of Hloomtiuld, Dr. Case, of (jninlci , and Dr. Warner, of Wi ill
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en Europe et en Amdrique, depuis la Paix de Westphalie.
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for a general explanation, since in Nezara [Type III], and pre-
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force more rapidly and wastefully, than muscular or intellect-
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preference. Afterwards, or when leeches are not used, cotton
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22nd is a great event in the district, and pilgrims come
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Although this volume bears the imprint of an American firm
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gulated herniii which have been left until gangrene
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connecting paths between different points of the ner-
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them extended over fifteen hours. All recovered perfectly, and
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resent a certain stage of development in other joints. Having
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dynamic disturbance of the centres of visual ideation.
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been clearly settled ; different physicians enumerating
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present the operations of the Dispensary are extended
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tensor surfaces of the elbows and knees. It had been
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fact relative to this underlying limestone stratum.
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tact by interrupted sutures with the skin, which had been so
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is upset, then a little bismuth and soda may be given instead
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in a particular section for a certain period, would be valuable in making
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considers that the disorder described by Dr. Gee as "Head-banging"
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variable amount of blood and the branched mucous or blood casts of the burrows
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evolution. It is readily diazotized, giving a scarlet color with R-salt.
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recognized that its provision would keep the soldier happy and
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Cysticercus cellulosce has a corresponding geographical distribution. Accord-
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distinguished from a circumscribed pneumothorax only by the absence of metallic
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the regular course of exercises in the Medical Department of the Uni-
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a long, severe course of treatment, totally unnecessary and prob-
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der to the bottom. When two days old it is ready for use, and