True, Niemeyer's view was quite the reverse — that phthisis was mainly non-


quently show an increase in round cells in the periportal tissue and

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nol, thymol, iodine, menthol, chloroform, ether, salol,

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Pharmacology and Toxicology. Professor of Pharmacol

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account for the condition present. She continued to

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shattering effect on bone is very great; (b) that it tends to

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tight that a writing pen could hardly enter it •, yet

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sence for thirty days on account of sickness. March 31, 1899.

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similarly to flea-bites from infective fleas would likewise contract

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Guinea as Pantjakit papoea ; among the Malays as Kakilem but (weak legs) ; in the French

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occurrence of quickening of the pulse rate and peri-

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plans upon which it has been able to agree, together

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formation, and he has succeeded in producing a disease resembling

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but the aim of the law should be protective and pre-

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from dyspei)sia. In this case a very weak, irregular

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human welfare whatever can contribute in any way to its normal

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also upon the previous state of the eye as regards astigmatism. The operative

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within its influence, dealing havoc and devastation to young

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the inflammation to the epididymis, which can be arrested by the

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work, and also for the administration of the institution ;

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yeast, and water, and hard water is said to make very much better

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causing difficulty in walking out of all proportion to the degree of

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Thus there are two forms of basic meningitis. First, primary, caused by

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102 to 106 F. or even higher. In mild cases the skin is moist; in severe

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developer of ideas of any sort ; and a German here and there seems to be

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him well, and speak of him with great respect ; but although

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and tongue are situated in the knee of the internal capsule is verified by

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American physician when passing a door in this city over

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ment, and as it is inspected, return it to the cavity. The ma-

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passed away in about six weeks ; its method of recovery was the reverse

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possibilities are many, and often those located at the roots of teeth


while the cavity of the mouth is divided from the nasal

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own accord, it should be ligatured by a silk cord about two inches

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rian. M. Monnerat has given some easy methods of detecting these adulterations. Ue found