illary nerve. In view of its genetic relationships to the great
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term aphasia in its " widest and most general sense." He uses the word,
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sider gud regional diagnosis, is whether the lesion be essentially irritative
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creased by movement nor relieved by rest. Increased
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edge-wise, of any length, width, or thickness, and then
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handicapped by an insane heredity, expect to maintain even
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among whom is Surgeon-General Sternberg, U. S. A., retired,
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7 Brit sh Medical Journal, November 27, 1886, p. 1025.
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female, tlie male character, but each sex transmits the character
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towards himself, she ran and seized his arm, and endeavoured to force the
all these countries are immediately connected with unstratified rocks ;
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examination. (This rule may be suspended in cases where there
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epidemic. Early also were eight cases of mixed infection with
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chemists in England, and also by French physiologists in tlie same
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and have a good prognosis. It is difficult, hut important, to distin-
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by experiment to be non-pathogenic to animals and by investiga-
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CHD into four distinct serum cholesterol groups. In group 1
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is no doubt due to their greater exjio^ure to injury,
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barns, as it could in no other way do, methods which
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the wounded who have been treated in the field hospitals, and who
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and Hospital, told the city council investigating committee
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regard the absence of the reflex in health as an event
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patient, rather than against the velum and throat, as in ordinary
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Godfrey, John. To proceed to Port Huron, Mich., for spe-
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the subject says what we most heartily endorse, "We doubt if any
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the projectile and its covering may not have entered so deeply as
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we find, even among poor people, the natural desire of offspring
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biliary calculus composed of nucleus of biliary pigment, sur-
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When cod-liver oil in any form is contra-indicated, the best
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hay long before the date of weaning arrives. A little may
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would have proved fatal. In cases of perforation or gan-
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Drs. Gurdon W. Russell, Pliny A. Jewett and George W. Burke
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Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York Hospital.
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from the calgut by soaking forty-eight hours in ether which is
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cent alcohol was added until the solution attained a strength of 50 per cent and