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these failures was not at first apparent, until he became aware

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as long as the inflammation lasts. Chronic inflamma-

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hydrastis and its alkaloids on blood-pressure. He states that hydrastis is

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syringomyelia. Hoarseness is not uncommon ; its cause is uncertain, but

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shattering effect on bone is very great; (b) that it tends to

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better that he refused all further treatment, and insisted on

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Por Bidder and Scbmidt foand Ibat lying Iba Paocre&tJc duct* of Baimals did

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quinine, fifteen grains night and morning, or Warburg's tincture

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heretofore existed, the governor, if the general assembly is not in session, shall

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may exist for some hours, when the spasms may be relieved. He

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regions, the progress of both affections is essentially chronic, and

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statement. The more this subject is investigated, the more

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from some distant seat of disease. In all cases the whole

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For the week ending December 2d, in Boston, according to

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by their development, then the glands themselves would be the

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tology, and bacteriology of the eye are made particularly instructive by the

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and the X-rays are reproduced in the paper. One is not convinced by the

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account it seems desirable that certain definitions be here inserted

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adelphia County Medical Society recently elected for

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have to deal here, according to SchiflTs supposition, with vaso-motor nerves : in

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uous neurologic monitoring of awake patients, the ability to

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A llnid-ounce of the oil was taken to produce abor-

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arrested by tne graduated bath, never to return, both patients

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wounds, and, in the arts, its property to arrest fer-

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Along with these general symptoms there frequently occur at

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Cirrhosis; it resembles wax, but is a result of any of those degenerations,

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and 17th bones of the dorsal vertebrae ; the dotted lines show

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Ch/ir, Trans., vol. Ix., a case which forms a very valuable contribu-

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had th^ desired effect, by bringing the poison out. By

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(Trine pale, cloudy, and ammoniacal, not albuminous.

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in which the inferior nasal branch of the retinal artery

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Obtainable from druggists in 8 oz., 17 oz., 5 lb. and 10 lb. tins

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time, but in the latter half of this series we usually interfered

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of the water by breaking up organic matter washed into

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On July 31, 1918, authorization was given for officers and personnel

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give great relief to the suffering patient. In the chronic form

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of recovery. If the patient is lying down, he should be padded

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(i.) The production of acetic ether. To the aqueous solution sus-

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A Manual of M'ateria Medica and Pharmacology. By David M.