masons whose sputum contained tubercle bacilli. My reason for
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In one instance, these endocardial s3rmptoms were accompanied with well-
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of the course of degeneration in lesions of the temporal lobe (p. 319),
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they are modified to form ''elaspinj?" orojans. The maxillajy palps
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scopic examination showed ex-tensive fatty degenera-
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apparent. A perplexity arises in the search for intestinal lesions in
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a graduation thesis, in which cases recorded by Dr. Odriozola form a large part. Gac.
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upwards at the epigastrium ; he also was conscious of it himself.
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serum is then removed from the coagulum with a pipette, and
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previously vaccinated. It is possible that these results might have
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callosities. The subsequent dressing is very simple, and consists in coldvatr
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tions to have been perfectly successful and that the
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then sufficient. Dr. Stein's theory is that the condi-
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from dyspei)sia. In this case a very weak, irregular
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was found marked adhesion between the kidney and the surrounding
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The relative size of the various liver surfaces is of some import-
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(and his view has been accepted by most pathologists, including the
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structure of the lower animals that both of these men
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first patient, for on leaving the Infirmary her red blood corpuscles
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and thrown aside, because they failed of their object. He thought a well-adapt-
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part of the intestines. In all cases of peculiar const!-
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fibrin does surpass the venous in both quantity and quality, we hesitate
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Waters.— In Flatulent Dyspepsia, use of Aloalies: Bitters, Quassia, &c.:
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Paget, Prescott Hewitt, J. Ashton Bostock, John Eric Erichsen,
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the sytem of a man is altogether free from syphilis, you can do so by inocu-
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Uterine Derangements. — I have used Aletris Cordial in my practice for over a
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in the anterior lip of the cervix. The patient made an uninter-
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are also cases where the abdominal operation is imperatively indi-
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it much harder to get up from the floor now than it was seven or eight years ago.
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viduals, by inserting it in larger quantities, and deep beneath the skin, where it comes
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best. In learning he found the joy of living, and he
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