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and Medical College, Boylston St. , Boston — 1868. A. B. ( Harv. )

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and its apparent causes. After General Outram's arrival with the

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bathe, and on the third and fifth days the above is to be administered

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ward the cultivation, the extension and accentuation of the hereditary diseases,

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cartilages, (c) Swelling of Peyer's patches is not uncommon, (d)

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adopt this plan in the management of their surgical ser-

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colleague. Dr. Bull, had treated 25 cases of secondary sjrphilis in this manner, and Dr.

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Said an old man one day : " When I look back over the long pilgrimage

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is practically unstained. The eosinophilic granules appear as large

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that he succeeded at the Preston Retreat in stamping out

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