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96 resulted from measles. 81 from whooping-cough, 57 from diphtheria,
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ments. I believe that our experimental methods are so far
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Patten at 8. .30 p.m.— Warwick Steele, Honorary Secretary, 3, Hamilton
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actual railway fare paid) should be allowed. The attendances at the
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Infirmary for Ohildrpn, and Liverpool Home for incurables ;
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Graduates' Association will be held at the Ilolborn Restaurant
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asked for. When, therefore, the Home Secretary proposed
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glands m3re especially to the Chemical constitution of the
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on Wednesday, Mr. Lawson Tait in the chair, the resignation
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than at any time during the last ten or twelve years; indeed it is twenty
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some health oflBcers that every new case is an outbreak
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land university, and that wa^ian impprtani step towards it.
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It will be convenient to take the contents of the vacuoles
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act as Civil Surgeon and Superintendmit of Gaol, Guntore.
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tion with the ear. Knowledge is rapidly increasing on these
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cluded, no uric acid appears, but an equivalent portion of