To Drs. Banks, Kidd, Thomson, Thomley Stoker, and several of
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sizes and shapes of the corpuscles. The red corpus-
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1958. Ayella, Alfred S., Jr., 1213 S. Broad St. (47)
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this instinct of motherhood. To be single is not, for these, a reproach ;
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to admit a trephine one-eighth inch in diameter (in an
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pseudo-relapse. The cause of this anomalous eruption may prob-
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that when there is dropsy of other serous structures, oedema or
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Winckel, it seems to us, appreciates more fully than any modern
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can be selected. When the muscles of the kuee joint are
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good ; in the acute cases it is superfluous, for these get well
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fertility or harm to the tetus due to Augmentm There are, however, no adequate and well
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With these introductory remarks, I will now briefly report
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Hence the odorous effluvia which proverbially emanate from the
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In gall stone colic a history may be obtained of previous
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When there is marked infection of the bladder, de Quervain
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Worrell, W. H. ' Studien zum abessinischen Zauberwesen ', Zeitschrift fur Assyriologie, xxm,
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liberal quantities, and fi^quently repeated. Beef-tea,
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shoe running from the toe to front part of heel, and
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the restlessness and irritation consequent on the exhibition of
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the Operative Treatment of Purulent Effusions into the Chest.
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The mortality of prostatectomy (13.6 per cent.) seems somewhat
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coagulation — neither of these kindred principles exhibiting any tendency
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conform to market requirements. Leaves readily lose their green color
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urethra are overstretched and temporarily stunned by
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them. This pressure ought to be continued for a minute or two
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these experimental results, they seem to be in harmony with what has hitherto
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tentorial (cerebellar) tumours are not necessarily attended with occipital
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empt patients who are able to pay, from the provisions
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narrow graduated part of the bottle enables the operator
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INDERAL twice daily, whether used alone or added to a diuretic Dosage may be increased
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deserve so much attention as the nomenclature of disease. In
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Cachexia. — This term, derived from the Greek words K-aK^s and
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cause any very serious disturbances ; still, when introduced into the
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