1906 b.— Idem. [Abstract] <Rev. vet., Toulouse, v. 63 [n. s.], v. 31 (2), l er fev.,

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things for nearly ten years. Last November she had another fall, which

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intervals. In neither of the cavities, however, are the glands so

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Veterinary Surgeons, 1892) ; Snyder, Rudolph, M.D.C, Lamar,

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thought that no error could be greater than this for it would surely

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ExPEKiMENT 2. — Full-grown rabbit. 0.5 c. c. 24-hour anaerobic sugar

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about his gall-bladder; these extended to the junction of the cystic

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furious, plunges about, and is vicious to himself and others, ap


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system of the foetus are obviated. So, too, of the fatal compression of the

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nary bacteria of putrefaction possessed no toxic action, and that liquids con-

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ment of the symptoms, there is a period of incubation ; but as to

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mostly in young women between the ages of fifteen and twenty-three, and

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WliHt cull bu 8ui(l of Holgiiiin in thiH roi^iird cmi \m

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the large and small intestine, Ac, and in some concluding observations aflirms that " the

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wishes, an intolerable burden, and their spirits chafe like a

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take a deep breath (" to get at the bottom of it "), and

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D. W. YANDELL, M. D., LL.D., and H. A. COTTELL, M. D., Editors.

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to arrive gradually at the centre. Dr. Masson, who has made numerous experiments with

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from the consonant to the succeeding vowel. Taking, for

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late the liver, and when taken in moderation, improve the

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he thinks, much will have to be done before we can regard it as

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cystic and partly solid. When the abdomen was opened the

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these ofifer any deviation from the normal in their incidence. It is

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Feigned Eruptions. — Lastly, a short description must be given of the

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users as this. Not because it is ever likely to take com-

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hours was herself again. The same results attended the

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grains by day. The drug acted as a general sedative, as well

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some note advises "one minim of creosote three times daily,

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stantly reminded of those parts which are not at all covered.

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broken appearance of the vesicle, which is frequently

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early morning, which roughly divides the twenty-four hours

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tics, consequently she may use all proper means towards that

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affected it does no harm, but severely affected hay acts as a

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Principal Dimensions of Hull. — Length between perpendiculars

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ures, there is paralysis of the nerves of special sense, and

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and the best way that he had found to administer it

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